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About Manu Cases

MANU CASES is an exceptional place, where new projects arise every day
cases, chests, boxes,suitcases, cabinets which are precisely adapted to needs of the customer.

Nearly 10 years of experience in the design and construction of cases made it possible for us to become a trusted partner in the entertainment industry for many companies and brands. Our products are also chosen by cyclist enthusiasts or professional anglers, as well as in many other industries where safety, storage, and transport of equipment comfort of use actually counts.

We will ask you what you want to carry or transport inside. We are interested in how you are going to use the case on daily bases. We will choose shape, fittings, material, locks and wheels. We can put your logo on the chest and/or design special storage inside of it.

What do we do?

Reliable transport cases

From the concept to implementation

We will design a case where your equipment will be safely stored and transported. We will make it for you out of suitable materials.

Trust and experience

We are a professional team with huge experience as well as people from different industries and with not standard expectations. We have a unique approach to every project.

Single and in series

Your case will be also produced in series – in tens, hundreds of pieces. Each one will be exactly the same. Offer your customer a complete set of equipment along with the case or multiple items in a special case – increase your profits.

Your satisfaction

Our motto is to create a case which meets all of your expectations in all aspects of it’s use. We really care about you getting exactly what you needed.

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Numbers talk for themselves


MANU CASES is an exceptional place
– where we  will manufacture a perfect case

What can we do for you?

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We know what you need

We are familiar with your industry

We started to create cases for our own needs – acoustics organizing big concerts and parties. We wanted those cases to meet our high expectations. We came up with the idea of creating cases suitable for your needs. We will make a perfect place for storage of your stage equipment, lighting, sound system, multimedia, instruments, mixers. We also build cases which make working on stage easier.

Do you have a mobile architectural office and you want to have everything needed with you when you meet a client? Are you a doctor and want to safely transport your mobile medical equipment and use it comfortably? Or maybe you want to make a perfect cup of coffee from express for your client even in the middle of the field? Talk to us and we will design your case in unique way for your everyday use.


Fishing competitions with equipment, neatly organized in your hand case. Collection of Your priceless amethysts at the show in another city. Cycling competition 1000 kilometers away. Do not be concerned about your valuable equipment – transport it safely by car and plane, store it with no fear of demage.

If you have electronic service, manufactory, atelier, lab or any other kind of workshop, we will design a case for you, where you will be able to neatly store your and what s more important – in comfortable configuration for your work. For mobile fitter and service technicians we design portable work environment , to make job out in the field pleasant and treated professionally.

Sound Trade
Smoke Factory
Show Design
Fabryka Dźwięków
We produce  serial standard cases at Manu Cases  for years. In addition, we have created a number of other projects, including a small discrete case in budget  for one of our leading machine [smoke machine] or a production table for one of them. We are very satisfied with our cooperation.
Benjamin Smoke Factory
 From the very beginning I closely work with Manu Cases doing all needed cases both for my firm and my clients. Their products are characterized by great diligence, thoughtfulness and excellent quality, which proves their long-term use. With full responsibility I recommend Manu Cases as a partner.

Marek Czarnik Show Design


It is the idea and implication that counts

Rack 6U with engravery – KAT

Rack 6U with engravery – KAT

Rack 6U

Rack 6U

Inspector’s desk

Inspector’s desk

Rack 6U for microphones and splitter

Rack 6U for microphones and splitter

Simple engraved case

Simple engraved case

Stationary smoke machine casing

Stationary smoke machine casing

Case for a small smoke machine

Case for a small smoke machine

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